The Elder Scrolls 6 Graphics – Things You Need to Know

Have you played the earlier versions of Elder Scrolls? Well, then you must be familiar with the Elder Scrolls games and its graphics. Even though the graphics have been pretty good compared to the other games but there is something lacking and that is what developers at Bethesda are trying to find out.

It’s not going to be Skyrim

Well, in the latest game from Bethesda, developers have really taken the graphics to the next level but still, there are few problems or bugs and that is what restricting the developers from using the graphics of engine used in Skyrim. So, you can be sure that it will not be similar to Skyrim at all. The graphics engine will be fast and cutting edge for sure.

Elder Scrolls 6 Graphics Image

Elder Scrolls 6 Graphics Image

New graphics Engine in the market

There is quite a few new graphics engine in the market but to match the quality work of Bethesda, developers will have to work a lot on those engines to take it to the level high. Instead of doing that, Bethesda is looking for new graphics programmers who will be able to design a new graphics engine. This engine will be fast, elegant and will be bug-free.

VR integrated?

In the recent games of Bethesda, there have been some features of VR integrated into them. But if you think about it in detail, the VR technology is not really yet up for the challenge at the highest level. Developers need to work a lot to make it work on VR. That is not going to be easy in the coming 1-2 years and that is why experts have really written off the chance of VR integration in the coming version of Elder Scrolls 6.

Wait for the thing

Well, with the VR technology of Fallout 4 on high and the release of Fallout 5 coming close, developers at Bethesda are not really able to concentrate on the Elder Scrolls yet. The sequel of Elder Scrolls 6 will be there in the market and surely there will be a lot of new things waiting for you. But for now, you will have to wait a bit longer that what you are probably anticipating. Also, there is a new edition of Skyrim coming up, so there is n question of Elder Scrolls releasing it’s the newest version in the recent months. What you can do is, get the expert views and wait for the Bethesda developers to come out with something that will be worth the wait.

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