The Elder Scrolls 6 Graphics – What to Expect?

Elder Scrolls has been a pretty successful game and the fans from all around the world have been waiting for its 6th episode since the 5th one came out. Till date, there hasn’t been any confirmation that the Bethesda has started developing its 6th edition but there have been rumors and if it is true then players will get a lot more than what they have experienced till now.

Upgraded game engine

Bethesda has been providing an awesome playing environment to their players and it has really amazed critic from all around the world. It has been the game engine that they have been using. But although players enjoyed the previous versions a lot but the game engine still had some issues that were unwanted. Along with some common bugs, there were some other errors as well. Bethesda has claimed recently that they are going to update their game engine and remove any kind of bug that it has currently. But their recent games still have the same problems as earlier.

TES 6 Gameply Image

TES 6 Gameply Image

But this time they are seriously looking for talents who will be able to fix their engine issues and come up with something that will be structurally fine and performance wise top class. They are recruiting experts and that gives the players a hope to see a new game engine evolving in the latest version of Elder Scrolls.

Graphics engine

Graphics has been another feature of the games from Bethesda and still, they are trying to get it smoother and sharper. They are looking for a graphics designer also who can design their new games and the graphical interface that will amaze every single player on this earth. Along with that, the recruitment of new graphics programmer has been really suggestive that they are not going to edit their present graphics engine. They are trying to build something that will be fast, elegant and will be sharp enough to dazzle the players.

Mine Craft

Yes, there has been confirmation that Bethesda will bring in a better house building feature in the Elder Scrolls new version. Not only building houses with the rudimentary pieces, you will be able to customize and build a whole town. Although in the previously released games, this feature hasn’t really impressed the gamers but the enthusiasts really hope this episode of Elder Scrolls will bring something that will be better than the best.

The Elder Scrolls 6 Game Image

The Elder Scrolls 6 Game Image


All the Elder Scrolls episodes have been roaming around the world and are placed in different places. This time there are 3 places amongst which 1 will be used. Elder Scrolls has been surprising people with their new locations every time and the players are really willing to see what will be there in the box this time. No matter what the place is, they will be looking forward to a brand new place with nice graphics and gameplay.

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Although Bethesda has not made it official but if there is a game called Elder Scrolls 6 and if they are developing it, this game will be really one of the best games that you will ever play. The new graphics, game engine, new locations, Minecraft! No one knows what else will be there in the game. So, let’s just wait and see what they can surprise us with and hope it will be the best.

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