TES 6 – The Elder Scrolls 6 Wishlist

Although Bethesda has never been vocal about TES 6 coming out anytime soon, the fans are already high on anticipation. From the tweets and statuses posted on social media, it can be understood that fans have kept high expectations and maybe it is alright to do so because Bethesda has always given great games in the past. Bethesda has also expressed their enthusiasm for the VR technology in the past. By the time TES 6 comes out, the technology will already have advanced to a great degree to give us Hi Tech features in the game.

Given below is the list of features that have made it into The Elder Scrolls 6 wishlist.

Better visuals

This hardly needs mention in The Elder Scrolls 6 wishlist but the difference of graphics quality among the earlier games has led the fans to set the bars high. With each new game, Bethesda has only given better and better visuals. The difference in Graphics between the Skyrim and Skyrim special edition itself can be an indicator. The latter game was remade in HD graphics and it has taken the game to an all new level. Given that the latest games from Bethesda are coming out for Xbox, PS4 and PCs, fans are definitely expecting something that outdoes TES 5 by a great extent.

The Elder Scrolls 6 Game

The Elder Scrolls 6 Game

Mute protagonist

Although speaking characters have been the latest fad in PC and Console games, somehow the Skyrim, featuring voiced protagonists did not go down very well with the fans. Many of them even took to social media to comment that voiced protagonists were by far the worst decision by Bethesda and maybe the time spent over developing voiced characters was better if dedicated to improving gameplay. It can be understood that fans are not expecting Bethesda to repeat the same mistake again.

Character customization

Fallout 4 released in 2015, had some very impressive customization options. It allowed the players to fashion their characters after their own will. Given that customization is quite easy to apply and very fun as well, it would be a pity not to have the feature in the upcoming TES 6 when it gets released. Although The Elderly Scrolls is much more complicated due to its intricate details, customization can actually make the game far more interesting. Don’t you think it would be fun to be able to pick from a range of horns, war paints and other body features? No doubt character customization is an important inclusion in The Elder Scrolls 6 wishlist.

Property management

With each new game, the Elder Scrolls is moving towards a more settlement based gameplay. The Hearthfire DLC was targeted at managing the homestead and family of the players. It also showed the audiences what settlement in the Elderly Scrolls would like, which is mainly responsible for the reason why property management has been included in TES 6 wishlist. With the introduction of base building, Fallout 4 also had settlement as its major theme. The base building need not be as intense as in the survival strategy games; a normal safe for storing valuables can also greatly increase the thrill of the game.

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Many action based games are also introducing crafting as an integral part of the game. The players need to make their own weapons, shields and armors to progress through the game. Although Witchcraft 3 was the first to include crafting in its gameplay, the trend is getting popularized by the day. It can greatly accentuate the gameplay and mission structure.  The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim did have some smoothing in it, which went a long way in increasing the playability of the game. This, combined with crafting, has made it into The Elder Scrolls 6 wishlist.


Magic is one of the things that occupy a central position in The Elder Scrolls 6 wishlist. The last game Skyrim did not have much of magic in it. it also received a lot of criticism for being too rigid. Morrowind and Oblivion were comparatively more flexible. These games made use of Magicka cost for range, duration and other things. Many players are of the opinion that TES6 should have magickoin levels to decide the amount of magic available to the player as well as the control over its distribution. Basically, all that players are looking for is increased flexibility and customization in the game.

The Elder Scrolls 6 Wishlist Image

The Elder Scrolls 6 Wishlist Image

Engaging combats

The combat moves in the earlier TES games were quite constrained. This time players are looking for more realistic combat modes filled with blocks, counter attacks and combined attacks. The Elder Scrolls 6 wishlist features a more sophisticated looking action packed combat styles which can really bring out the thrill of the game. This would mean upgraded controls and well developed game engines.

Useful horses

It would be quite frustrating if you travel far for a quest yet cannot bring back all your loot just because it is too heavy for your beast to carry. This restriction has been there in all the Elder Scroll games. Perhaps it is time to make a change like in the Red Dead Redemption and The Witcher 3 which have more utilitarian resources. The horses in TES6 can be upgraded to make them more serviceable.

Removing obstacles

Although encumbrances can increase the thrill of the game, when placed haphazardly, they can only prove to be annoying impediments, creating obstacles during important quests. Keeping one eye on the encumbrances and one eye on the game will no doubt affect a player’s performance. It would be great if Bethesda would do something to fix this problem. An option to hunt down encumbrances with no coming back can intensify the sense of adventure in the game.

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